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Our File Room Management System eases the task of locating and storing physical file records in file room, storage rooms.  Custom interfaces to client / customer / matter  master files further eases management of physical documents.


Based on Microsoft's SQL Server database our beta testers are currently managing over 100,000 files in approximately 15,000 containers (boxes) in over 100 locations.  Locating a file and tracking it's history is instantaneous.

Some of the features of our File Room Manager include:

A file room module (frManager) with the following features:

  • Label creation for files, containers, and locations including barcodes.  The labels are completely customizable.
  • A picklist for file retrieval from storage generated by user requests in the frDesktop module.
  • Recording of file movement between locations.
  • Movement of a container (file box) between locations.
  • Location and Container inventories.

The End User module (frDesktop) includes:

  • File location, content descriptions.
  • Search by any field in the database.
  • 2 Click file requests and delivery instructions.
  • Inventory of Files on  hand.
  • Ability to pass 'ownership' of a file to another user.

An Audit module (frAudit) includes the following features:

  • Reconciliation of files in Containers.
  • Reconciliation of Containers in Locations.
  • Movement of Files between Containers.
  • Barcode scan a container and to verify it's inventory.

System Requirements include Windows 2000 or 2003 Server and Microsoft SQL Server 2000.  SQL 2005 will be supported shortly. Workstations require Windows 2000 Pro or Windows XP-Pro.

Initial Release will be available in May 2006.  There is more in development.  E-mail sales if you have any questions.  Literature will be available soon.


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