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Custom development services are available for users of PerfectLaw law practice management software. As we find applications we develop to be useful to the general users we will make them available. A sample of what we have developed is listed below.


PerfectView is document profiling tool.  It allows you to view PDF, JPG, TIF format files and profile them into PerfectLaw's document management system.  Currently being added are support for Video and Sound formats as well...

PerfectReports is a report library co-op service.  We write the reports for you and provide access to all the reports in our library.  Custom report requests are added to our queue and delivered at no additional cost.  For the cost of attending one report writing class we will deliver reports for years.

Fileroom Management is a physical file management system for managing file locations / inventory. Included is new matter management.  A workflow system and enhanced conflict checking system are currently in development as part of the Fileroom system.

There is more in development.  E-mail sales if you have any questions.  Literature will be available soon.


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