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A Demonstration of any of our products can be had by contacting sales.  Some products are directly available for download and self demonstration, other will require a live demonstration.


Loan Office Trust Accounting.  Currently in Beta testing this applications is targeted at Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Brokers who need quick, accurate, and easy way to manage their trust funds.

Loan Management Systems
This division of American Riviera Software specializes in Loan and Lease Accounting Systems for large enterprises.  Scalable from departmental networks to large multi-location Unix installations, LMS is customized for a clients specific needs.
Magtax is an end users software product for printing and electronically filing 1099 and W2 forms.  First in the industry to import data from QuickBooks, Magtax has been in production since 1984.  Lowest price in the business also makes Magtax attractive.

Servicing. Currently under development, Loan Office is a Windows based Loan and Lease Management system for smaller businesses.  Specifically being developed because the hard costs of LMS are too high for this market.  A user installable system is required for this market.

An Application Service Provider in development.  We are developing on-line solutions for infrequently used accounting products.


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